Sophie Turner and Toby Sebastian teach you how to do an American accent.

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  “I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true!”.

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intergalactic-elevator: I just wanted to say that your edits are beyond gorgeous and clearly depict how much effort you put into them. Thank you :)

Thanks so much for such a sweet message :) 

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Chandramukhi + Costume Porn

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Favorite Fictional Heroines | Natasha Romanoff
Iron Man 2, The Avengers

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Buried on an island of dead what cannot be found except for those who know where it is. Find it, we did. There be the chest. Inside be the gold. And we took ‘em all. We spent ‘em and traded ‘em and frittered ‘em away on drink and food and pleasurable company. The more we gave ‘em away, the more we came to realize the drink would not satisfy, food turned to ash in our mouths, and all the pleasurable company in the world could not slake our lust…

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"I have hungered for a long time. Though not for food. Pray tell me, when will the justice be served?” 

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i fantasized about this back in chicago